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Did you know children on average lose one to three months learning over the summer?

Did you know children on average lose one to three months learning over the summer? Keep your child’s mind active by booking a tutoring session with us! Contact us and we can discuss a plan that will benefit both you and your child during this time away from school.

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Lauren M

The tutoring sessions were a huge success for my child. He eagerly anticipated each one and saw significant improvements in his reading and writing skills. His newfound confidence in reading has positively impacted his academic performance. We eagerly await the Fall to resume lessons.

Emily D

My child participated in development sessions and learned valuable skills such as cursive writing. I am pleased to witness his progress and growth in this aspect. Additionally, he was taught advanced math concepts like multiplication and division, exceeding typical grade expectations. Despite the challenge, my child embraced it and now possesses greater confidence in his math abilities. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend these exceptional educators for their ability to go above and beyond the curriculum.

Dean C

I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional efforts you put into teaching my child. Thanks to your guidance, she has gained the confidence to tackle challenging chapter books and has surpassed the expected reading level. Your sessions have been a delightful experience for her, and she eagerly looks forward to joining the refresher sessions you have planned for this summer. Your unwavering commitment to her development is truly admirable, and we cannot thank you enough!

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